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Edit Modules and Plugins

Editing modules and plugins is easy , to add a new group simply type its name below. If you want to turn on/off an entire group you can also do that below. please note removing a group only should only be used if you are planning to delete all files pertaining to that module.

Add a new Plugin / Module

Add new Group:

Add new Plugin: Plugin name:



  emailNew Remove
  profileSettings Remove
  changePassword Remove
  friendRequests Remove
  friendsList Remove
  friendApprovals Remove
  accountSettings Remove
  myFriends Remove
  userBlogComments Remove
  userImageComments Remove
  userProfileComments Remove
  userVideoComments Remove
  whosViewedMe Remove



  makeLangPack Remove
  editBadWords Remove
  contactUsPosts Remove
  adminNav Remove
  templateBlockController Remove
  clearCache Remove
  templateBlockUI Remove
  editAddtoHeader Remove
  editBlocks Remove
  siteSessions Remove
  siteEmails Remove
  langControl Remove



  addFriend Remove
  blockUser Remove
  SignupSplashForm Remove
  Signup Remove
  Shoutout Remove
  selectLang Remove
  RateStars Remove
  friendFeed Remove
  createNewBlog Remove
  createNewForumReply Remove
  createNewForumThread Remove



  blogsIndex Remove
  blogsView Remove
  userBlogs Remove
  blogsComments Remove
  newblogs Remove



  newTopics Remove



  newImages Remove
  imageComments Remove
  featuredImages Remove
  uploadImage Remove
  userImages Remove
  imageIndex Remove
  imageView Remove



  musicView Remove
  musicTrack Remove
  userMusic Remove
  musicComments Remove
  musicIndex Remove
  musicPlayer Remove
  uploadSong Remove
  musicXML Remove



  profileComments Remove
  profileBlogs Remove
  blogsIndex Remove
  profileCommentsList Remove
  blogsView Remove
  imageIndex Remove
  imageView Remove
  profileFriends Remove
  userImages Remove



  adVert Remove
  searchSite Remove



  new_users Remove
  searchUsers Remove



  videoXML Remove
  videoView Remove
  videoComments Remove
  videoPlayer Remove
  featuredVideos Remove
  userVideos Remove
  videoIndex Remove
  uploadVideo Remove
  videoTrack Remove



  sentbox Remove
  trash Remove
  reply Remove
  saved Remove
  compose Remove
  emailNew Remove



  privateChat Remove
  chatIndex Remove

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